Logistically oriented services, but also tailored solutions designed to meet the needs of customers. By using our services you will receive comprehensive logistics services and ensuring that the goods arrive at the place of delivery on time and undamaged. Containers our customers are handled in the ports of Hamburg - Germany and Felixstowe - United Kingdom. Both ports provide customs clearance and handling of goods including transshipment to other types of vehicles and of course transportation to various destinations in Europe. Customers can choose between a variant in the form of rail or road transport of goods to the customer. The contractual partner of CSA CARGO IS HANDLING customer shipments in England airport terminals around London - Stansted, Heathrow and Galwic.

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Customs services

The brokerage customs clearance is represented by a wide range of services. When providing customs services put emphasis on the needs of our customers and all service sets based on individual demand.

Portfolio customs services:

  • Representation in customs procedures
  • Issuance of customs declarations in the arrangements TRANSIT, EXPORTS, IMPORTS - third countries
  • Fiscal representation in Germany
  • Simplified procedures for each mode - check out your business, company or establishment. Simplified procedures are not tied to the working hours of the office.
  • Centralized customs clearance throughout the Czech Republic - the possibility of checking in at a customs office other than that of the goods
  • Customs debt in each mode
  • Mediation of transport services with our partners
  • Mediation tax consulting
  • Customs consultancy
  • Securing customs debt in relation to customs procedures
  • Ensuring a certificate of origin EUR.1
  • Ensuring a certificate of status of goods ATR
  • Filling TIR carnet, ATA, CMR consignment and dalšíchdokladů presented in the customs procedure
  • Securing customs warehouses and temporary warehouses in the premises of our customers
  • Processing, preparing applications and applications for permits economic regimes, the implementation of economic regimes, providing legal advice and representation in disputes with customs authorities
  • Consultancy on EU customs regulations on import and export of goods

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INTRASTAT is a data collection system for monitoring the movement of goods between EU member countries. The obligation to report data for INTRASTAT are entities that exceed the threshold for reporting ie. CZK 8,000,000 / year. In the event that your company exports or imports goods within the European Union and crosses the border, it has a legal obligation to submit to the Czech Statistical Office data for INTRASTAT.

In this case, company sped Calleva. Ltd. provides a complete processing and sending statistical report on intra-Community trade within the EU. It will also be a registration of the legal entity at the customs office. For meetings, you can take advantage of representation in negotiations with government authorities.

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